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Pavel Gammer: Communication with journalists is an interesting experience

Good afternoon to all!

Once again, I would like to greet you with the belated holidays. I hope that they were wonderful as expected. In the last days of the year gone by, I gave an interview to journalists for the first time in 30 years. It was an interesting experience; I have never looked for publicity, but nowadays, at least temporal communication with the press and the presence in the media scene become essential for everybody. Due to the compelling questions of the interviewers, I got a chance to share my thoughts about the restaurant business in general and to introduce the readers to the short-range plans of our team. If you want, you can see the full version on a link , but I would like to highlight several points in this entry.

It was especially pleasant to remember how it all began: delicious dishes prepared by my mother in the Jewish family, childhood in Tallinn, the interest in cooking, work in Angola, and my first collaborative bar opened at the dawn of Gorbachev’s Perestroika.


Lots of questions referred to the new restaurant Rae Meierei that was opened last year and frequently became one of the most discussed restaurants in the city. The very idea of the “Townhouse Cheese Diary” and its cuisine took a liking of people, but the work of the place still has certain minor hiccups. Using the example of this restaurant, I was able to tell about the problems that always accompany the opening of the new place – time-consuming recruitment and education of staff, the clarification of certain moments with the city, and a smaller sum of the average check.

In business, it is not common to talk about your future plans, but during the interview, I shared some thoughts about the change of the concept of the popular beer restaurant Beer House and the opening of the first premium hookah lounge and one more place with the terrace on the upper floors of the same building. We also have other ideas, but let’s keep them secret as yet, so we could surprise all of you in future.

Rest assured that the information about new projects would appear on the blog first of all. Undoubtedly, business is primarily the competition, but I believe that we should share our knowledge and experience with the other people to make life around us better. Anyhow, I believe that my first step was not troublesome and would like to thank the journalists once again.

And it is all for today.

Respectfully yours, Pavel Gammer.

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