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Pavel Gammer: Seasonality in the Restaurant Industry – Facts and Myths


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This is Pavel Gammer. It is +5 in Tallinn today; the weather is cloudy and rainy, the leaves fell from the trees a long time ago, and only memories of summer warm the heart. Prominent seasonality is typical for our climate, and it is possible to say the same about the restaurant industry. In January and July, the indexes of volume and structure of sales in restaurants markedly differ as well as the consumer behavior of the guests.

Tourist cities demonstrate a high demand for restaurant services during the tourist season, and the catering industry in capitals and large cities gain the primary income in winter when people just dream about summer vacation.

In that respect, Tallinn is a unique city: the tourist season here lasts the whole year, and the demand for the good restaurants from the local citizens is high. Consequently, the local catering industry does not experience such demand fluctuations as the one in Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod or Murmansk. Indeed, it does not mean that the industry should not customize the menu and interior and exterior appearance of the restaurant and predict the desires of guests. I promise you that not only restaurateur Pavel Gammer but also his colleagues are always ready to surprise their guests with specific features developed for each season and especially for summer. And this approach works bringing in good profits!

Unfortunately, the possibility of the opening of outdoor dining areas on narrow streets of the old Tallinn is limited, but the presence of such open-air additions to cafes and restaurants in Moscow and Saint Petersburg in good weather allows growing the revenue by 20-25 percent!

We always place special emphasis on the changes in the menu: in summer, people prefer low-calorie light meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, and stiff drinks give place to wines and low-alcohol cocktails. We understand that our guests will spend with us less time than in winter, and we make every effort to ensure that the potential client will not pass by our restaurants. The most effective ways that allowed us to attract the public were specials that aimed to satisfy the impulse demand, such as two drinks at the price of one, gifts, and prizes.

How to achieve success regardless of the weather?

The regular audience of our restaurants in Estonia frequently chooses extended summer vacation abroad, and it is important to substitute the demand by dint of the tourists who visit Tallinn in this time period. Fortunately, we do not have as long weekends in January and May as in Russia, when the restaurant industry in Moscow and Saint Petersburg suffers from the lack of the most solvent clients who go abroad. Some of these clients choose Tallinn as the final or transitional point of their journey, and our business colleagues and we compete for their attention.

Lots of people say that businessman Pavel Gammer always chooses the best places for his restaurants. It is true. It is extremely important to locate restaurants in accordance with the most popular tourist trails in the Old City, as it increases the overflow of guests without any additional advertising. Furthermore, taking into account changeable weather in Tallinn, it is better to have covered terraces with floor-to-ceiling windows that would delight guests regardless of the temperature and downfalls. For the achievement of success among guests from the other countries, it is also important to connect the restaurant with its historical location. It is really great to sell a traditional live beer or to have own cheese daily!

In summer, it is useful to give the guests an opportunity to enjoy warm and sunny days that are so long-expected and rare in the northern countries, as the clients could evaluate the design of the restaurant the next time. Moreover, it is important to remember the quality of meals and drinks. We consider the going to the restaurant exactly as the going to the theatre, cinema or exhibition, but here, we evaluate other works – the works of a professional chief and the whole crew that helps in the kitchen. It is the only way to find loyal clients not only among the local citizens but also among the foreign tourists who go to Beer House, Farm, and Rae Meierei during their next visit without any doubts.

And what would you like to see in your favorite restaurant in the summer but hesitated to ask? What restaurants did you get by heart last summer? I will be glad to hear your response to these questions and your opinion in the comments.

Have a nice evening!

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Pavel Gammer.

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