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Why do people blog?

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Dozens of reasons appear. Some people want to express themselves and share their passions. Some aim to make money. There are bloggers who try to draw public’s attention to current problems or just controvercial topics. But also there are those who want to share their knowledge and learn from others.

And here I am, Pavel Gammer. Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the need to create an archive of my knowledge and experience.

Writing such a blog is an activity, first of all, for myself. My mind is full of ideas, which are better to be recorded and systematized in order not to forget them.

I believe youngsters will be curious to know how various business projects were invented, created and put into life. Besides my employees can receive a kind of instructions, not only in the restaurant busines, but in business as a whole, as the kind of activity that I devoted most of my life to.

I would be happy if my experience was useful to someone else.

A few words about me

I don’t usually like talking about myself. I prefer my actions to speak for me.

I have a good family, four children and a lot of devoted friends.

I am also a member of the Jewish Community of Estonia.

As far as possible, I am engaged in charity, for which more than 10 years ago I founded a charity fund named after Pavel Gammer.

Bringing to the end what I take up is my creado.

And here are some of my most famous reastaurant projects: «Beer House», «Korsaar», «Farm» in Estonia and«Balagan City» in Russia. Each of them has its own concept, its own history, its own atmosphere. Hope you had a chance to check it yourself.

And now I’m happy to tell you the latest news, so that you can be the first to try it. In the nearest future in the historical center of Tallinn «Rae Meierei» (Town Hall cheese factory) will start serving guests. Long time ago I came up with the idea of this restaurant with its own cheese and a menu based on the traditions of Estonian cuisine, and I am glad that the moment of its opening is already coming.

About the blog

I want to share with you my thoughts on topics that are of interest to me. And believe– there are lots of them!

When I conceive a new project, I thoroughly study everything concerning it, and I keep this knowledge in memory for a long time. You never know when you can use that experience and it can come up in different projects. I am often inspired by the ideas of successful business cases, then I begin to think out how combination of various ideas can be used in something new.

I’m planning to reveal it in my blog. Of course, most of posts will be about restaurants — how to create a model of an atmospheric establishment «interior-menu-personnel», how to hire staff, how to organize a show and what role cookery plays. We’ll also talk about the gastronomy, and the tastes of consumers. And about business, about life , about different things in general.

I am looking forward to your comments, suggestions and any feedback.

May you all be prosperous!

To be continued…

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