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Rae Meierei opening

Here I’d like to share with you the joy of launching another project of mine.

The opening of a restaurant-cheese factory «Rae Meierei» was held on September 14. Our entire team and I personally had been looking for it for a long time.

The project “Rae Meierei” started more than two years ago and over a few recent months the final work on details took up all my free time, literally. Thanks a lot to all the people who worked hard all this time to make the restaurant a new place for gourmets in the Old City. And thanks for making the party dedicated to its opening a bright and memorable event. I hope our team managed to bring it to life!

It was very nice to see old friends there, for whom I am not the restaurateur Pavel Gammer, but, first of all, a friend or a partner whom they have known for many years.


Our patrons, with whom we collaborate by sharing plans and getting very important feedback, didn’t miss this event either. Those who were thousands kilometers from Tallinn that evening can have a look at our party and feel the atmosphere of the «Town Hall cheese factory». It became possible thanks to the press and popular Instagram bloggers, who witnesses the opening.

No doubt, the headliners of the ceremony were the dwarf goats Khando and Christian, which for sure all the guests will remember. These lovely animals  were amusing and they entertained the visitors. When asked about our great pets I told the press that Rae Meierei is not ready to part with its mascots, not for all the money in the world. The goats themselves also enjoyed their first public appearance, and  nor music nor a great number of people around could scare them.

Spacious, stylish, unique: this is Rae Meierei

It’s not a secret that our designers think over every inch of free space, so that guests can feel comfortable and have a good time at the restaurant. At the opening everyone could enjoy the show made by famous musicians and dance groups of the city, as well as get to see and appreciate the special art – the work of the chefs in the kitchen, which is designed in the currently popular Open Kitchen style. And all this things can be done at the same time without getting up from your seat or stopping socializing, meanwhile  enjoying the brand cheese «Rae Meierei», unique cocktails and excellent wines!

A whole week after the ceremony, we were looking through photos in social networks and photographers’ works. And here is our solid conclusion: the interiors of “Rae Meierei” are made to be photographed in. And you can get excellent shots even without applying any filteres or any additional editing. By the way, before the opening we started the official page of the restaurant in Facebook, where our guests can find news and other useful information as well as leave feedback. So subscribe in order not to miss something important and interesting!

Also I am proud of the star team in the kitchen, which we managed to put together for the restaurant. This year our brand-chef Dmitry Rooz presented Estonia at the most authoritative international competition Bocuse d’Or. which is a kind of  Olympics for chefs.

And since the zest of «Rae Meierei» is its own cheese factory, we simply could not but invite  a famous master from Italy to train our cheese makers. Massimo Merkandino managed his task perfectly and highly appreciated the quality of Estonian farmers’ products. Can’t deny that it was a music to my ears, cause according to his words it is a problem to find good raw products.

Rae Meierei is the first shot of a grand project

There are some rumors in Tallinn that restaurateur Pavel Gammer is going to open another establishment next to «Rae Meierei» soon. I was asked about it by journalists at the opening, so here’s my straight answer. We initially considered the «Town Hall cheese factory» as a part of a large project, which will also include a cocktail bar, a vodka museum and its own small alcohol production. Thus, after a while we will be able to offer our guests not only the branded cheeses, but also alcoholic drinks made according to traditional recipes and from local products.

I invite all residents and guests of Tallinn to the new restaurant «Rae Meierei» to see everything with your own eyes. I hope you’ll get aesthetic and gastronomic pleasure.


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