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Trends in restaurant interior design


I am glad to welcome you, who are interested in food and catering as much as I am!

This time we are going to talk again about the restaurant business.

I have to admit that my posts appear a bit off and on. Due to the opening of the restaurant “Rae Meierei”, which I will definitely tell you about later, I had to be offline almost 24 hours a day.

Recently, I already presented to your attention thoughts on the current trends in the foreign restaurant business. It’s nice that many were interested in knowing what changes are happening now in different segments of the HoReCa market. Today I decided to dwell more on another important and interesting topic – the latest trends in interior design. In our restaurants, we always pay special attention to this, so that our patrons can be comfortable, and the chosen style corresponds to the status, format and concept of the establishment.

Sometimes, when visiting restaurants abroad, you notice fresh ideas that you want to apply in your projects. In the century of globalization, integrating ideas into the concept of a new restaurant is much easier, and the success among visitors is almost guaranteed. When one can identify the place even without a special geotag, but  just browsing through Instagram news feed and recognizing the interior, you know that this is a 100% hit!

I would point out seven main trends that should be taken into account by restaurateurs when planning new projects.

Theme is always in fashion

People like  restaurants, the concept of which is thought out and implemented in every detail. It’s better to say that there are no trifles in this business and they can’t be. If the place has its own legend, a story whose spirit is felt by all guests, then it definitely deserves attention. Today it is actively used by representatives of any lifestyles and cultures – fan sports bars and glamorous coffee houses, expensive restaurants and noisy taverns. The concept creates a recognizable image of the house, for which it is loved and appreciated.

Probably, each of you can recall cafes and restaurants with a bright conceptual design. I will cite as an example an excellent inexpensive eating house Bucharest in the capital of Romania. Bicycle theme can be traced in everything from tables standing on wheel-shaped platforms to a waiter call buttons in the form of a bicycle bell. Agree, this is remembered, and for sure keen cyclists will appreciate it.

The materials matter

The emphasis on the use of natural materials developed in the industry quite a long time ago. Active use of plastic in interior elements is strongly  associated with fast food and is highly undesirable even for establishments of the middle price segment. Materials such as wood, stone, brick, metal for interior decoration are among recent trends in restaurant designs.

Traditional rustic style and once fashionable industrial were adapted under modern requirements for comfort and it looks great. Look at the photo, someone might even think that the restaurant is still under repair. In fact, it is just an interesting strategy: a variety of geometric shapes in combination with catchy elements made of wood and bare concrete. And for a good reason, this establishment was the winner of the prestigious British award in design.


Walls are space for art

Wallpaper and the pastel colors that have become classics are gradually disappearing. An upward trend is making various textures, patterns and other art objects on the walls . Earlier, graffiti could be seen mostly in youth-oriented places or nightclubs, but now many bars and restaurants make bold decisions to turn walls into a true art space.

Perhaps, this fashion will eventually fade away, but the thirst of designers to use walls as an important element of the interior will remain unchanged. If you are not eager to paint all over the walls, then a reasonable compromise is the placement of various decor elements, drawing graphic images or quotations of famous people related to the theme of the place.

Special attention to color palette

Scandinavian design and its characteristic minimalism have been dominating for several years, bringing also some other elements to the industry. The palette of colors used by top designers is rapidly shrinking under the influence of this trend. Today, the traditional shades for the Nordic countries define the interiors of the leading establishments around the world, including countries accustomed to the warmer climate and diversity of colors.

Look, for example, at this restaurant in Madrid with a completely atypical colors for Spain. White walls make the room light, black and grey colors add sternness to the interior, and various shades of furniture made of natural wood make the final image warm, as if it was home. It seems that such a solution will never go out of fashion, although its popularity and prevalence a few years ago were a bit lower.


Lighting is not just a light source

Nobody can argue that illumination in many ways creates an atmosphere of the place. Romantic candlelight dinner or a fun evening with friends in the dim light of a nightclub, one way or another we always talk and think about the light and everything that produces it.

Lighting is becoming a key element of the interior, emphasizing its concept and attitude to the guests. People appreciate the privacy and personalized service, so now the fashion is the placement of a set of lamps located directly above each of the tables.

The choice of light sources should be in harmony with the concept of the place, otherwise the discrepancy may immediately hit an eye. In general, pendant lamps and other interesting modern solutions continue to force out  vintage lamps and chandeliers, although for many restaurants they are still the heart of the atmosphere and the creators of the unique mood of the establishment.

Open Kitchen trend is conquering the world

Everyone has fallen in love with restaurants with an open kitchen. When the food is cooked right before your eyes, there can be no doubt about its quality. Besides, guests receive an aesthetic pleasure from the work of chefs and a new experience from viewing the entire cooking process, which can be compared to art. Thus, the restaurant shows its transparency, openness and professionalism of the staff, which is important for any visitor.

But at the same time we notice a distinguishing desire of the customers to define clearly the boundaries of their personal space. In restaurants, increasingly appear subtle, but still screens that separate each table from others. The wish for some privacy and for the openness of the dining place – this is how you can describe this mainstream, and restaurateurs accept the new rules of the game willingly.

Exquisite cuisine indoors and outdoors

I have already noted the penetration of the Scandinavian traditions in the world trends and I am going to give one more example. Today people don’t want to limit themselves by the walls of an establishment and want to unite with nature or attractive city landscapes. For this reason, the fashion for panoramic glazing and the opening of terraces appered. After all, what could be better than spending some time at dinner in a restaurant overlooking the Danube and the historic center of Vienna or just having a cup of coffee in the shade of a tree?

So the new trend is an integration of the internal and external space of the restaurant, when people can get excellent service and enjoy excellent cuisine, regardless of their seat. This makes us abandon the philosophy of the “summer cafe” and treat the terrace as an essential part of our restaurant. We shall seriously focus on such issues of design and create comfortable conditions for the guests.

The main trend is no trends!

To conclude, I’d like to repeat the famous principle of many successful people in the fashion industry: “Do not follow the trends, create them.” A good deal more important are the preferences and wishes of people which are becoming more similar  around the world. To a greater extent, we strive to follow them and sometimes we manage to anticipate. In any case, along with the kitchen, the interior is one of the key success factors for any restaurant, so it’s worth taking a serious look at it.


I’d be grateful to read your opinion on this issiue in the comments. Which restaurants do you remember most?














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